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2 August
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My full name is Plympton_000455932323555. I am from the the planet Plymland. Plymptons live on this planet. A plympton is a highley evolved cat creature. Basically a pregnant domestic cat got sucked up into a black hole (randomly) and came out on a dusty, magical fabric plant, she gave birth and due to the strange conditions on this planet her kittens slowly evolved into Plymptons ( they are call that because the original cat was from a town in the west of England called plympton) Our one terrible flaw is that we fall apart very eaisly.

Plymptons are a very clever bunch. I may write more about them oneday, but I suppose for now I should just write about myself.

In 1984 I came to visit Earth, unfortantaly I was sold in a carboot sale in Cornwall, I was bought for a girl child. We became great friends. During the 80s I would go back to plym land for visits. Unfortanatly after an incident in illgal trading I was banished to live on earth. It's ok here but the gravity pulls me down so I find it very hard to get around.

I have lots of friends like Bagpuss, Bellyphant and Trent Reznor and there are plenty of Kit-Kats. I do miss my plym land friends like Plympton_23238585888881 though.

I like doing pretty things and touching goths. I like house parties because they are not as scary as going out. Plym could get lost in a pub or club...oh but how I long to dance under neon. Mainly I think, dance and sleep but if you come round you are sure to get a hug or maybe a stab in the face.

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Plym is a magical space cat who holds the key to lifes mystery (maybe)
Strengths: Loving, intelligent, fun to be with, beautiful, wise
Weaknesses: Frail body, terrible rage, missing eye, fire, easily upset, goths
Special Skills: Laser eye, mind reading
Weapons: Laser eye, pointy stick, sharp claws, razor teeth
Mission in life: To find the Atom of God

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